DRA Injection Package

DRA Injection Package

Drag reducing agents (DRA), also known as flow improvers are injected into Cross Country Pipeline / flowlines to reduce turbulent flow. Due to its chemical properties of high viscosity and heavy molecular weight by nature, it is one of the difficult chemicals to handle. To handle this chemical, the injection skid requires special design and equipment other than simple dosing pumps and piping.

DRAs reduce energy loss by dampening rotational flow and fluid turbulence in crude and fuel pipelines. The DRA chemical when injected to process lines aids in decreasing the pressure loss across the pipeline and helps in dropping the frictional loss between the fluid & pipe wall.

We have a team of experienced engineers having complete knowledge of design standards for manufacturing, testing, servicing and commissioning of the DRA injection skid.

Key Features of DRA Injection Package

  • Package built in a closed container with an air-conditioned system.
  • Auxiliary equipment to handle DRA chemical homogeneity.
  • Specialized Injection Pump to handle high viscous fluid.
  • Designed for safe and hazardous area classification based on the requirement.
  • Instruments other auxiliaries suitable for DRA Chemical.
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