Chemical Injection Packages For Sub-Zero

Chemical Injection Packages For Sub-Zero

These packages are designed to operate in sub-zero environments. These injection systems are supplied with electric / steam tracing t racing system and insulation to prevent the chemical from freezing and vapourcondensation.

Heat tracing is used to replenish the heat that is lost to the atmosphere by running an electrical heating element with physical contact to the storage tank, pipe, fittings, valves and instruments. The storage tank and pipe are covered with thermal insulation to minimize its heat loss.

Petronash has an entire range of unique, in-house capabilities for engineering, designing, manufacturing and installing such type of packages.

Key Features of Chemical Injection Packages For Sub-Zero

  • Designed for temperature up to -40°C.
  • Complete package with Heat Tracing and Thermal Insulation.
  • Packages structure with complete impact tested materials up to -40°C and painted to suit sub-zero operating environment.
  • Compact and robust design to facilitate handling and maintenance work.
  • Packages can be provided with TR CU Certificate of Conformity, RTN Certification and Technical Passport for CIS Countries.
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