Product Training

Product Training

Operating companies in the oil and gas industry are continually challenged to augment their investments in technology and capital investments, whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety and operational performance. In order to achieve this, they need to develop and maintain a competent and highly skilled workforce.
Petronash can provide bespoke training packages to deliver the right knowledge and develop the skills required to improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

We can provide remote online /Classroom / Onsite training or with virtual reality – Our dedicated team can provide all the training solutions that you need for your operations

Chemical Injection Packages

We provide detailed training on chemical injection systems including the basic understanding of the major components, different design criteria/conditions of the equipment involved. The training also delivers knowledge on how to operate and monitor the chemical injection packages.

Surface Safety Equipment

Petronash offers surface safety equipment training focusing on well head control panels and emergency shutdown systems. We strive to enhance technical awareness associated with the application and optimize engineering and improve operational safety and efficiencies.

Virtual Reality Training

We can provide a detailed and simulated training experience from the safety of your office through our virtual Reality training simulator .VR trainings can also be customized to your equipment, giving your operators the chance to walk around the skid in Virtual Reality – enhancing system awareness and safety before start-up.

Wellsite Operation and Maintenance

The wellsite operation and maintenance training provides a basic knowledge of a complete onshore wellsite including the major equipment - Xmas tree, well head ,Chemical injection, wellhead control unit, flow line instrumentation/RTU .The training provides operations and maintenance teams the necessary knowledge to operate wellsites efficiently with utmost focus on safety.

Training on Electrical Installation in Hazardous Areas

This Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas training course is intended to provide an understanding of Hazardous Areas and it's recognized working practices

Tube Fitting Installation Essentials

Training on foundational tube fitting knowledge to ensure hydraulic system integrity and reduce leakage risks. The course provides insights into tube selection, cutting, deburring and gauging of tube fitting installation.

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