We are Petronash

We are Petronash

For 20 years we've been delivering industry defining innovation in the oil and gas industry, optimizing safety, spend and production.

With over 1000 employees and active operations across the globe, Petronash is an industry leader with proven track record in integrated package solutions and provide value offering and services to maximize value for our customers.

As we evolve, Petronash continues to dominate global markets by delivering unmatched customer service and engineering solutions to our clients to achieve tangible productivity. We continuously invest in new and advance technology to increase reliability, drive efficiency bolster safety, and contribute to the world’s energy development and socio-economic growth. Across the world, our technologies are helping customers reach their energy goals.

With manufacturing and engineering facilities in Dubai, UAE, Dammam, KSA and Chennai, India and with regional presence across the globe, Petronash prides itself in developing, advanced manufacturing units, covering over a million square feet, with capability to take on any technically challenging projects, with no restrictions on scope, volume, technical expertise, engineering or operations.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include innovative and technology driven manufacturing processes as well as a dedicated center of excellence for engineering and design.

As pioneers in the industry, we are committed to thrive further with innovation and product development, strengthening our regional business segment with our products at par with the highest international standards.

When we progress, so does the world

Our journey is one of constant transformation. Transformation that helps us meet the challenges of the oil and gas industry, head on. For us, this transformation is seamless because we constantly invest in our people and processes.

Geographically diversified with a long-term commitment to our existing footprint in Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia and America, we continue to build our capabilities and expertise through the latest research and development, machinery and Business Process Automation systems.

Through constant innovation and strategic deployment of digital technologies across our manufacturing processes, we’ve transformed from an era of energy management to automation. Today, we are most renowned for advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities, successful delivery of unique products and on-time customer support.

And our endeavor doesn’t just stop at delivery. Our curiosity drives us to better understand what our customers do, how they do it and what they need to help overcome their challenges. What’s more, we’re developing methods and processes that minimize environmental footprints while maximizing positive influence on the communities in which we live and work.

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