High Integrity Protection Systems

High Integrity Protection Systems

The High Integrity Protection System designed by Petronash is integrated onto the process package to prevent over-pressurization of the flow line . The HIPS will shut off the source of the high pressure before reaching system design pressure, thus preventing unwarranted events. HIPS acts as a barrier between high and low-pressure sections.

HIPS shall be designed in accordance with customer specifications with adherence to relevant International standards.

The HIPS unit will be installed downstream of the choke valve and at the upstream of the piping specification break. This system will be completely self-contained without the need for external electric or hydraulic power. The complete unit can be designed and fabricated as SIL-3 compliant.

In general high Integrated Pressure Protecting System consists below components.

2 Nos. Main Isolation
Instrument flanges.
Root Isolation Valves for instrument connection
Hydraulic Control Panel
Low and high pressure Pilots
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