Lube Oil Skids

Lube Oil Skids

Engineered Lube Oil system provides pressurized lubrication and protection to various types of industrial rotating equipment such as turbines, compressors, high pressure pumps, electric motors and generators, to name a few.

Designed in accordance with the API 614 Standard, the system comprises a main and auxiliary Lube Oil pump, a reservoir, heat exchangers, filters, relief valves and piping to provide wide operating range of necessary lubrication for the critical rotating machines. This ensures that the lubricant is at the right temperature and free of contaminants for smooth operation.

The package can be built to specification mounted on a single frame and complete module can be safely transported to client.

Major Benefits are reduced downtime of rotating machines, reliable operating unit and highly efficient lubricating package.

Flushing and performance tests according to API 614 standards and customer specifications.

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