Life in Petronash

For over 20 years, we have created innovative solutions to real challenges facing our clients and our industry. With projects larger and more complex than ever before, innovation is not optional; it is a mindset our employees embrace to deliver results to customers safely, on schedule and within budget.

Excitement and opportunity. That sums up life at Petronash – a work environment that fosters communication, flexibility, fun, camaraderie, innovation and openness.

The success of our workforce leads to the success of the company. That’s why Petronash empowers its employees to develop new technology, work processes and ways to design, execute and build capital projects. With an active innovation community and multiple collaborative partnerships, we invest in ideas that can significantly improve project execution in multiple business sectors.

Customer Service, Excellence and Speed are at the core of all our processes and to ensure our teams are motivated to give their best every single day, we also provide sports and fitness facilities. After all, a sound mind works best with a sound body.

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People at Petronash

Inside Petronash – the driving force behind our business

We are lucky to have a team of professional, well-trained and skilled managers, engineers and executives across all our departments who work together with a world-class sales team to win the hearts and minds of clients around the globe.

We pride ourselves in having a multi-cultural workforce. And seek to attract, equip, and empower the workforce of the future by investing in early leadership development, supporting employee health and wellbeing and creating opportunities for the next generation of talent.

Work Culture

Unlock the power of engineering to redefine what’s possible.

Our goal is to attract the best talent from around the world and be the employer of choice. How do we do that? Through motivation, recognition and by providing opportunities for our employees to live up to their desired standards.

Petronash can innovate, achieve, grow and lead for one reason: our people. We attract and retain the best talent by embracing diversity, maintaining a positive work environment and offering rewarding careers. We invest in our employees through competitive compensation plans, health benefits and appraisal programs. We have the right people to develop the right technologies and bring innovative solutions to the industry – and we value those people as an unmatched competitive advantage.

We strongly believe that each one at Petronash is unique and always has something to contribute to making our team stronger and sustainable. Over the years, we have built a reputation as specialists in assimilating, adopting and integrating various technologies to deliver innovative solutions in the oil and gas sectors.

Health & Wellness

Invest in your future

The oil and gas sector is a demanding space to work in, both physically and mentally. To ensure our employees are always motivated to give their best, we invest in their health and well-being. Employees are given access to quality healthcare and assistance programs. Health kiosks are also available on site to monitor and measure personnel health through NIR screening devices.

Sports facilities are provided to help raise the fitness levels of staff. Employees are encouraged to participate in local athletic competitions. Petronash is proud to have employees who won individual medals in long distance marathon races held in Dubai.

That’s not all. Nestled in the middle of the Jebel Ali facility is an enchanting vegetable garden, designed and maintained by the Petronash employees. Not only has the garden increased the green space of our landscape, but it has also contributed to the well-being, health and morale of the staff. With encouragement from the Management, the garden has been rapidly growing, and has already started yielding vegetables!

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