Modular Wellsite Packages

Modular Wellsite Packages

The MWP is a revolutionary turnkey solution provided by Petronash enabling the operator to adopt a standardized approach to wellsite surface completion. MWP units can be built for Oil / Gas production wells and as well as Injection wells.

Wellsite Equipment

Modular Wellsite Package (MWP) is an integrated skid-based unit containing all wellsite equipment and components required between the X-mas tree and the main flow line leading to the gathering station. All equipment between X-mas tree and header line are neatly arranged within the modular package making it a compact design which can be mounted on pre-designed foundation. The complete package can be fully integrated and tested as one unit.

Key Components of Modular Wellsite Package

  • Chemical Injection System
  • Wellhead Shutdown Control System
  • High Integrity Protection System
  • PLC | RTU | Communication System
  • Flow Measurement System
  • Sampling System
  • UPS System
  • Solar Power System
  • Annuli Riser
  • OPTF - Off Plot –Tie In Facilities

Benefits Of Modular Package

ONE Unit - All equipment and components between Xmas tree and Gathering Station. Integrated skid-based unit

Complete Package can be fully integrated and tested as ONE unit.

Enables the operator to adopt a standardised approach to wellsite surface completion

For Oil, Gas and Injection Wells

Quick Execution, Cost effective, Less Complex

Modular Package Equipment
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