After Sales Advantage

After Sales Advantage

At Petronash, we are committed to provide world-class After Sales Service Advantages to our customers. We have a professional and well-trained customer services team equipped with the latest technologies and capability to handle any challenge to ensure maximum advantage for clients, by demonstrating technical excellence and professionalism. Our objective is to provide our customers with quality service and provide suitable spares on demand in order to maintain the health of your critical assets.

Installation & Commissioning

Petronash offers onsite installation and commissioning of its products by establishing the product’s functionality in actual site conditions.

Key Features

  • Petronash offers a variety of options, from supervisory assistance to turn-key projects as per customer needs.
  • With decades-long expertise, we are the natural choice to assist during installation and extensive integrated testing on site.
  • Technically-trained resources are deployed globally within short notice for commissioning and installation assistance.
  • Ready availability of trained, qualified and competent service engineers and technicians.
  • Special tools and technical procedures for commissioning are provided.
  • Services are provided for onshore and offshore installations worldwide.

Spare Parts

Petronash realizes that critical assets have the greatest impact on customers. So, keeping customers’ assets in mint condition is of paramount importance to our after-sale support which is effectively and professionally provided by Petronash.

Key Features

  • Petronash assists customers to source suitable and replacement parts as well as repair spare parts.
  • We can evaluate and define critical spare part list for the products we delivered.
  • Petronash assists customers to source suitable and replacement parts as well as repair spare parts.
  • We guarantee spares compliance to original system specification and certification requirements.
  • Critical components are stocked at Petronash facilities to serve customers immediately and reduce system down time.

Special Tools & Equipment

Key Features

  • Petronash provides special tools and equipment for onsite operation, testing and commissioning on a rental basis as well as for sale.
  • Customized test units are manufactured to fulfill customer specific needs and various operating parameters.
  • Ergonomic designs for easy portability and safe handling onshore and offshore
  • We ensure the certifications and specifications of rental equipment comply with critical zone requirements, safety stipulations and onsite regulations.
  • Our service engineers are skillfully trained to operate equipment and can be deployed for site operation.

Available Units For Rent And Sale

  • Flushing Rig
  • Contamination Monitors ( Parker LCM 20 / PALL PCM)
  • Nitrogen Pre-charge Units and Pressure Test Units
  • Chemical Injection Package

Onsite Testing & Calibration

Key Features

  • Petronash provides onsite services for pressure/leak testing of field tube lines, hydraulic components, cylinders and accumulators.
  • We perform onsite calibration and certification of instruments in line with international standards.
  • We carry out hydro testing of vessels and pipelines on offshore and onshore sites.
  • A broad range of master instruments are readily available which are periodically calibrated by third-party laboratories in line with international standards.
  • Our trained service technicians are proficient in conducting recalibration services with zero or minimum shutdown of the running system.
  • Tests are conducted strictly in accordance to international standards and customer specifications.
  • We offer full solutions, including qualified technicians, test units, pressure-temperature chart recorders, test pressure gauges, connecting hoses and accessories.
  • We offer end-to-end project management, including procedure preparation, work scheduling and logistics.

Onsite Flushing Services

Condition monitoring is an essential part of a healthy hydraulic system. Flushing is performed for hydraulic systems to ensure a smooth flow of hydraulic oil through the system and to avoid damage to internal components due to system contamination.

Key Features

Petronash offers flushing services in line with various international standards as follows:

  • Our service engineers are skillfully trained in the area of hydraulic system flushing.
  • We provide personnel, flushing rigs and contamination monitors on a rental basis.
  • We offer full project management, including procedure preparation, work scheduling and logistics.

Refurbishment & Upgrading Services

Petronash offers a wide range of refurbishment services, including modification, upgrading, overhaul, repair and complete revamp of products and systems for meeting improved operational requirements and for bringing the aged assets back to life and to operate efficiently.

Key Features

  • Petronash offers all kinds of onsite modifications to incorporate customer requirements such as:
    • Addition of new well modules
    • Addition of new well valve operation
    • Logic and operational sequence alterations
    • Facilitating local/remote/automatic operations
    • System upgrades with SCADA/PLC
    • Flow and pressure changes
    • Valve open/close timing variations.
    • Addition of monitoring devices and boosting devices
  • We provide turn-key revamp project services to replace an existing system with a new one, and the scope starts from survey up to commissioning.
  • We offer complete package overhauling, repair of individual components, flushing of hydraulic system, pressure testing, and calibration of measuring, monitoring and safety devices.
  • Modifications are carried out onsite with minimum production loss/shutdown.
  • We provide end-to-end solutions with survey, engineering, materials supply, pre-fabrication, modification, testing, commissioning and documentation.
  • We have all necessary disciplines in-house to assist with any challenge.
  • We can also assist with the modification and refurbishment of third-party equipment.

Key Features

  • Dedicated team of well-trained and specialist engineers and technicians.
  • Independent Functional Department to deliver immediate techno-commercial support.
  • Professional resource planning and allocation to meet customer short-notice needs.
  • Ready availability of field support team, special tools and test equipment.
  • Support throughout the product life cycle starting from the early project stage up to commissioning and warranty support.
  • Dedicated backend technical team for on-demand technical solutions, result-oriented trouble shooting and faster decision making.
  • AMC and O&M solutions for all upstream operations.
  • Lumpsum Turnkey project execution with cost effective model.
  • Knowledge sharing by providing trainings on products.
  • Excellent service and spares support across the globe.
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