Fiscal and Custody Transfer Metering Skids

Fiscal and Custody Transfer Metering Skids

Specializing in engineered flow solutions for process and custody transfer applications, we design, manufacture and commission complete flow metering systems for liquid and gas application, offshore and onshore locations. With innovation and proven design, our engineered metering solutions are based on advanced technology to ensure accurate measurements and reliable operation in accordance with international standards.

We build and provide turnkey flow metering solutions for applications covering both upstream and downstream operations in oil and gas industry, which include loading facilities, terminals, production facilities and distribution pipeline operations. With our independent position towards available metering technologies, we offer you an optimized and a fit-for-purpose metering package designed for various hydrocarbon products such as LPG, lubricants, fuel oil, Naphtha and natural gas applications.

Get a holistic view of the metering package in its entirety – from the selection of the right metering technologies and engineering choices – to operations to installation to design.

Metering system comprises

Inlet and outlet headers

Metering lines

Master Meter

Sampling and analyzer skid

Commissioning and Operational Spares

Flow Computers with data acquisition system

Meter Prover

All supporting structure, piping, equipment and accessories

Fully integrated supervisory control System includes, PLC control and Custom HMI

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