Life at Petronash is all about excitement and opportunities. We believe that employees excel in a sound work environment which involves open communication, flexibility, fun and camaraderie. Innovation is given utmost importance and employees are encouraged to think out of the box. Employees are provided facilities for sports and fitness for their upkeep of health.

We believe that, a well trained workforce is the key to achieve success in business, achieving set goals and make our operations more sustainable. As an organization we aim at unifying skills and talents of employees and identify the training needs so that we can dramatically enhance employee engagement and bring in operational architecture changes to enable a new culture of Customer Service, Excellence and Speed.

People at Petronash

We are lucky to have a team of professional, well-trained and skilled managers, engineers and executives in our various departments who work hand in hand with a world-class sales team to win the hearts and minds of clients around the globe.

Petronash prides itself on having a multi-cultural workforce with different backgrounds ready for any challenges put to them.

Employees of Petronash comprise of different nationalities and come from different walks of life, but are unified by a single goal, that of making Petronash a world leader in what it does.

Work Culture

We are continuously seeking to be the employer of choice for the best talent in the world, and we aim to achieve this through motivation and providing an opportunity for our employees to live up to desired standards.

We strongly believe that each and every employee is unique and always has got something to contribute in making our team stronger and sustainable. Over the years, we built a reputation as specialists in assimilating, adopting and integrating various technologies to deliver innovative solutions in the oil and gas sectors.

Continuous interaction with mentors, counselling, monitoring by the superiors will ensure that your creative and innovative ideas flow in the right direction to achieve desired results, in line with the short term and long term objectives of the company.

In our organization, we recognize excellence in performance through a unique appraisal programme across the company.

Health & Wellness

We invest in the health and well-being of our employees. Employees are given access to quality health care and employee assistance programmes. Health kiosks are also available on site to monitor and measure personnel health through NIR screening devices.

Sports facilities are provided to help raise the fitness levels of staff. Employees are encouraged to participate in local athletic competitions. Petronash is proud to have employees who won individual medals in long distance marathon races held in Dubai.

Nestled in the middle of the Jebel Ali factory is an enchanting vegetable garden designed and planted by the Petronash employees. Not only has the garden increased the green space in the landscape, but it has also contributed to the well-being, health and morale of the staff. With encouragement from the Management, the garden has been rapidly growing, and has already started yielding vegetables!