Modular Wellsite Packages

Modular Wellsite Package (MWP) is an integrated skid-based unit containing all wellsite equipment and components required between the Xmas tree and the main flow line leading to the gathering station. All equipment between X-mas tree and header line are neatly arranged within the modular package making it a compact design which can be mounted on pre-designed foundation. The complete package can be fully integrated and tested as one unit. MWP units can be built for gas, oil and as well as injection wells.

Modular Wellsite Package Key Components:


  • The multiphase stream (non-associated gas, condensate and water or crude oil with water and gas) will flow through the production line from the wellhead to the MWP. The stream flow will be regulated within the MWP by the choke valve. Multiple instruments for monitoring the pressure, temperature and flow upstream and downstream of the choke valve will be provided.
  • Erosion monitoring of pipeline to ensure safe operation.

Corrosion Inhibitor Chemical Injection Skid

  • Corrosion Inhibitor / Scale Inhibitor / Methanol will be injected into the crude line to protect the mechanical integrity of the piping from accelerated Corrosion/Scale formation or to control hydrate formation.

Wellhead Shutdown (WSD) Hydraulic Control Panel

  • Safe and sequential operation of wellhead valves (SCSSV/SSV/Wing etc.)
  • Emergency and Fire shutdown
  • Well test operation
  • HIPPS /ESD/ Choke valve control

High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)

  • A comprehensive HIPPS system will be provided within the flowline to shut down the flow in the event of a pressure surge.

Water Sampling Units

  • To determine the quality of the well, periodic samples of the stream are collected from the flowline through water sampling units.

ESD Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) / Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

Marshaling Cabinet

Blower Units for Cellar Ventilation

Fire & Gas Systems

  • Fire detection and Alarm
  • Gas detection and control for H2S and LEL etc.

Control Shelter with climate control to house PLC/RTU, Fire Alarm Control Panel and Work Station.

All ESD equipment (WSD, PLC/RTU and HIPPS) are designed to Safety Integrity Level (SIL)-3

Communication Devices inclusive of VoIP Telephones (Outdoor and Indoor)

Electrical Accessories

  • Distribution/Power Panel Boards
  • Dry type Transformers
  • Complete Skid Grounding System
  • 24 VDC Battery System for Power Back up (Battery, Battery Charger and Enclosure)
  • Skid Lighting System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Cable Tray or Conduit System

This package offers a variety of benefits, which include, but are not limited to

  • Simplified and minimal civil/installation work on site
  • Reduced field Installation time and complexity
  • Significant cost saving, compared with conventional wellsite execution
  • Single source of supply for entire package, instead of procuring all items and integrating the same on site
  • All required interfaces available on single skid
  • Can be designed for both “Sweet” and “Sour” application
  • Packages can be designed for gas, oil and injection wells
  • Minimum ideal time between well completion and production
  • Can be designed to suit all well sites and can be kept as inventory
  • Considerable reduction in the scope of Site Survey, Equipment Layout, Pipe Routing as per site conditions
  • Single foundation for mounting the package